Alibox for your Covid-19 samples

Besides finding the right diagnostical kit for Covid-19, it is equally as important to handle the sample collection and transportation in a way that ensures reliable results. These samples will be used for diagnostics, but also for surveillance and research purposes. It is essential that the collection, transportation and storage of these samples are carried out in accordance with established standard operating procedures.

Alibox is a smart patented box designed to improve and certify the transport of biological materials. The computer-controlled airflow system guarantees a constant cooling or heating temperature. Alibox is electromechanical locked and accessible only through personalized smart cardswith cryptographic secure authentication and access rights defined by user.

Alibox allows an end-to-end certification of the entire sample analysis process, from the sample collection to the execution of the diagnostic and research tests. By using active temperature control and real time monitoring of multiple parameters, Alibox will safeguard the reliability of the samples. Click here to read more about the Alibox.

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