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Everything about the SelectNA plus that you need to know

Because the analysis of microorganisms by molecular methods directly in clinical materials is challenging, Molzym developed a technology called MolYsis™. This method depletes host DNA from samples before extraction and purification of DNA from intact microorganisms. This technology is converted into an automated protocol that is executed on the SelectNA™plus.  The SelectNA™plus robot is a fully automated walk-away pathogen DNA isolator.

The SelectNA™plus can run up to 12 samples of 1mL volume at a time. The simplicity of the procedures allows the possibility to address the focus of molecular analysis of infectious agents of a variety of diseases all in a single run. Before loading the robot with samples, the tissue samples are digested by a validated treatment of only 10min to release the intact microorganisms from incrustations, biofilms and other aggregates.

The SelectNA™plus protocol and reagents are contamination free. The host DNA is depleted by sample lysate trough a column of special matrix formulation, driven by a vacuum filtration by the automated protocol. The immobilized microorganisms are lysed in situ by a special cocktail of highly active reagents. The microbial DNA that was absorbed in the matrix is then purified by a bind-wash-elute process. All steps from the depletion to the elution of purified microbial DNA are performed fully automated. And all the consumables, reagents and buffers are quality controlled for the absence of microbial DNA contamination. This and the manipulation of the samples in contained environment of the SelectNA™plus robot, provide the best conditions for molecular analysis that are not disturbed by contaminations.

The depleted host DNA by the use of ultra-pure reagents leads to increased detection of microorganisms even at low loads. Because you will have less problems with background noise. This purified microbial DNA can be used for a lot of different analytical methods. The methods the samples that come out of the SelectNA™ plus can run on are 16S/18S rRNA-, Custom-, Hybridization-, Specific- and ITS1/ITS2 Assays, 16S rRNA gene resequencing, whole genome sequencing and pyrosequencing. And for contamination testing; cell cultures, cooling lubricants and platelets concentrates.

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