New CE-IVD Dermatophytes PCR test

We would like to introduce to you our newest assay:
The Dermatophytes test from EuroBio Scientific. The Dermatophytes test is a Real-Time PCR kit and is designed for the qualitative detection of the 6 most frequently involved dermatophytes in superficial cutaneous mycosis of the skin, hair and nails which are:
     – Trichophyton rubrum/violaceum (undifferentiated detection of these two species)
     – Trichophyton mentagrophyte var. interdigitale
     – Trichophyton tonsurans
     – Microsporum canis
     – Epidermophyton floccosum

Extracted DNA is the starting material for the Dermatophytes test and has been validated on pure cultures of dermatophytes fungi isolated from clinical samples and on mycological clinical samples (swabs rubbed on the scalp, nails, skin, hair and dander). The extraction from samples is done in two wells/tubes using two reactions. The DNA extraction and PCR inhibition control allows to check for variations that may have occured during the DNA extraction step of biological samples and the Real-Time PCR.

If you want to know more about this product, click on the button below to open the manual.

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