MDx Test System: Why adopt it in?

Molzym produces reagent kits and they deliver automated extractautomatiseringion devices. The SelectNA™ plus is an automated instrument that can be used for de enrichment and extraction of microbial DNA. It can extract DNA from tissue, liquid or a swab. And the Micro-Dx™ kit contains all the reagents that are required for DNA enrichment, extraction, 16S/18S PCR analysis and sequencing primers. The combination of these two products can identify true bacterial and fungal infections.

Why adopt the Molzym MDx Test System?

  • It can identify multiple specimen types
  • It can identify multiple life-threatening diseases
  • It can ID over 1300 bacteria and fungi
  • It has a low-hands on time (10-15 min)
  • It can process 1-12 samples per run

For more information about the SelectNA™ plus and Micro-Dx™ kit click here.