Pre-treatment screening for DPD deficiency is the key for 5-FU-based therapy

5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is a fundamental part of chemotherapy for malignant tumors. Although it is  considered to be a generally safe and effective chemotherapeutics, 5-FU has shown serious side effects up to 30%. A single enzyme, dihydropyrimidinedehydrogenase (DPD), is responsible for the degradation of 80% of 5-FU to inactive metabolites which is mediated through hepatic metabolism. A mutation in the DPYD gene can cause DPD deficiency, causing less or no degradation of  5-FU. While heterozygous patients should be given lower 5-FU doses, homozygous patients should receive alternative chemotherapeutic treatment. To this date, pre-treatment screening for DPD deficiency in patients with plannend 5-FU-based therapy is not standard treatment.

Goffin Molecular Technologies offers the PGX-5FU StripAssay ® from ViennaLab. This test can identify the SNP of the DPYD allelic variant IVS14+1 G>A that is associated with toxicity of 5-FU therapy.

More information about the PGX-5FU StripAssay ® can be found in the brochure and the manual.

Complimentary product: The cancer StripAssays from ViennaLab cannot only detect mutations of the DPYD gene but also mutations such as BRAF, KRAS and NRAS. Click here to find out more!

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