Saliva as a better alternative for a nasopharyngeal swab

For the detection of COVID-19, samples have to be collected via nasopharyngeal swabs. This is a painfull and impactfull procedure for patients that could withheld people from getting themself tested. Goffin Molecular Technologies have come across a study that proves that the determination of COVID-19 RNA in saliva is just as accurate as the determination of the same amount of COVID-19 RNA in nasopharyngeal samples. Sample taking of saliva is way less painfull and thus preferable. It also can be done without the help of a professional and can be used for self-sampling. This contributes to socialdistancing and makes sampling safer for the medical staff and the patient.

  • No medical staff needed for sample taking
  • Easy and harmless sample taking
  • Same reliability as nasal swabs
  • Non-dependent on the quality¬†

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