Simultaneous detection of 2 thrombophilic mutations

The FV-PTH mpx RealFast™ Assay is a fast and accurate multiplex real-time PCR test for the simultaneous detection of the two most important thrombophilic mutations. The point mutation 1691G>A in the human coagulation Factor V (F5) gene, referred to as FV Leiden, and the prothrombin (PTH) 20210G>A mutation in the Factor II (F2) gene are associated with hereditary thrombophilia. The kit is intended to test patients suspected of having an increased risk for thrombotic disorders. The qualitative assay discriminates the three possible genotypes for each of the mutations in human genomic DNA: normal, heterozygous or homozygous mutant. Request your test kit now!

Complementary products
Viennalab offers multiple kits for genetic mutations, both Stripassays 
and RealFast PCR assays. All their kits are CE-IVD and can be run on the same protocol. Check out their full product portfolio here.

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