StripAssay as a substitute for RFLP

Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) is in the Netherlands a technique that is often used to detect mutations. With this technique restriction enzymes cut the DNA at the site of the mutations, and the mutations are identified using a gel. But with this technique gels have to be made which is very labor intensive and automating this technique costs a lot of money. But this technique allows testing of nine mutations for alpha globulin as opposed to the ViennaLab alpha globulin StripAssay which can detect 21 mutations.

The ViennaLab StripAssay covers with 21 mutations over >90% of all alpha globin mutations. The mutations can be tested of two separate strips that contain all the mutations.

More information about the α-Globin StripAssay® can be found in the brochure and the manual.

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