Flu season? Try the Capilia Flu Neo point-of-care test!

Chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, headache and coughing are all common symptoms of influenza A and B. Influenza A is usually more prevalent and is associated with the most serious influenza epidemics, while influenza B infections usually present more mild symptoms. The symptoms, especially coughing, make influenza highly contagious. Rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment can have a positive effect on public health. 

Goffin Molecular Technologies offers the Capilia Flu Neo from Tauns Laboratories. This point-of-care test diagnosing influenza A and B is based on an immunochromatography assay, using monoclonal antibodies that recognizes influenza virus antigens. The results can be easily interpreted within 8 minutes. Besides this quick diagnosis, no special instruments or equipment are required. For more information about the Capilia Flu Neo, click here.  

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