The new NGS assays from ViennaLab

ViennaLab created a whole new workflow in DNA to report diagnostics. The 2-step PCR-based technique is designed to enrich targets for bacterial classifications based on the 16S rRNA sequence. First regions of intrests are enriched by amplification via PCR. After this PCR another PCR will be done that introduces specific dual-indices for subsequent sample assignmets, but also the adaptors for the sequencing on illumina platforms. Because of this, bacterial composition can be classified to the species-level via the ViennaLab Microbiome Analysis Webtool.

This technique is especially intresting in these trying times with COVID-19 being a pandemic, and only to have a second, more contagious strain of COVID-19 showing up in West-Europe (readable in the article below). With these NGS Assays, 1 test could immediatly conclude which strain of COVID-19 is present in the sample. So this technique is not only beneficial for the standard diagnostics but for the current COVID-19 testing too! If you want to read more about this technique, you can send an e-mail to and get notifications when new information about these techniques becomes public. Or you can click on the button below to read the brochure of these kits.

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