The RealFast Assays from ViennaLab are compatible with the InGenius Systems from ELITech

We want to draw attention to the fact that ViennaLabs RealFast Assays are perfectly compatible with the fully automatic InGenius extraction system from ELITech. We have quite a few customers that buy ViennaLabs RealFast Assays from us. And some of them might have an InGenius System but didn’t know that they could run the RealFast Assays on that system too. Or maby some of our customers do have the InGenius System available but never considered buying and using RealFast Assays on the system. This is why we want to let you know that this is an option everyone should consider since both the system and the Assays are very relaiable and could be of ease for you. If there are any customers that already do use these two products in combination with eachother we would like to hear about your experiences.
For the people that do have experience with these products in collaboration or for the people that want to receive more information about these products, you can reach out to us at or by filling in our contactforum on this site.