Pasteur & Transfer Pipettes

The Pasteur pipettes are available in individual packaging.  The transfer pipettes are made of superior FDA certified LDPE material, non-toxic.


  • Optimizing process on surface tension, easy for the liquid flowing.
  • High transparency, easy to observe.
  • Can be bend with a certain angle, which is convenient for drawing or adding liquid in irregular or micro container.
  • High elasticicty, adapted to fast liquid transfer without leakage.
  • Convenient and accurate for use with good repeatability.
  • Heat-seal on the tip of the pipet can achieve liquid carry.
  • Available in bulk or individual pack

Pasteur and Tranfser Pipettes Specifications

LengthDrop VolumeQuantity/bag or boxArticle No.Quantity/caseNote
162 mm3 ml (Full volume)500/boxGM20201972000 total
160 mm3 ml (Full volume)500/boxGM20201992000 total
65 mm10 µl2000/bagGM14100120000 totalFine tip
70 mm15 µl2000/bagGM14100220000 totalFine tip
80 mm20 µl2000/bagGM14100320000 totalFine tip
103 mm12 µl200/bagGM14100412000 totalFine tip
148 mm15 µl500/bagGM1410055000 totalFine tip
67 mm20 µl2000/bagGM14100620000 total
65 mm48 µl2000/bagGM14100720000 total
67 mm48 µl2000/bagGM14100820000 total
85 mm40 µl2000/bagGM14100920000 total
115 mm60 µl2000/bagGM14101020000 total
145 mm40 µl400/bagGM1410114000 total
130 mm40 µl2000/bagGM14101220000 total
160 mm40 µl500/boxGM1410135000 total
143 mm42 µl500/boxGM1410145000 totalGraduated to 1 ml
145 mm45 µl500/boxGM1410155000 totalGraduated to 1 ml
160 mm42 µl500/boxGM1410165000 totalGraduated to 1 ml
150 mm48 µl500/boxGM1410175000 totalGraduated to 2 ml
160 mm48 µl500/boxGM1410185000 totalGraduated to 3 ml
162 mm52 µl500/boxGM1410196000 totalGraduated to 3 ml
178 mm48 µl500/boxGM1410205000 totalGraduated to 3 ml
64 mm25 µl2000/bagGM14102120000 totalDouble-bulb
85 mm30 µl2000/bagGM14102220000 totalDouble-bulb
110 mm35 µl2000/bagGM14102320000 totalDouble-bulb
138 mm30 µl500/boxGM1410249000 total
135 mm30 µl200/bagGM14102512000 total
70 mm5 µl2000/bagGM14102620000 total
75 mm50 µl1000/bagGM14102710000 total
78 mm35 µl2000/bagGM14102820000 total
110 mm40 µl2000/bagGM14102920000 total
80 mm25 µl2000/boxGM14103020000 total
101 mm35 µl2000/boxGM14103120000 total
155 mm40 µl500/bagGM1410325000 total
140 mm35 µl500/bagGM1410335000 total
210 mm30 µl250/bagGM1410342000 totalFlexible stem for trying and seal
230 mm40 µl500/boxGM1410355000 total
350 mm55 µl200/bagGM1410362000 total

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