Molzym PCR Reagents

For detection, isolation and characterisation

PCR reagents
For the DNA-free (Real-Time) PCR Equipment Molzym uses a special purification technology that removes traces of DNA from PCR reagents. Taq and master mixes unfold highest sensitivity and reliability of detection of microbial DNA in assays employing your own primers. Molzym’s 16S/18S Assays are available for the detection of bacterial and fungal DNA. They possess high activity for the amplification of hypervariable regions of the 16S and 18S rRNA genes down to femtogram amounts.

The list below contains all of the PCR equipment and -related products produced by Molzym. You can find more information about the products in this flyer, or by clicking the name of a product for the manual.

DNA-free Taq DNA Polymerase

DNA-free Master Mixes 

DNA-free Water

Ultra-Clean Bacterial DNA Assays

Ultra-Clean Fungal DNA Assay

Sequencing Primers

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