PCR Strips

The strips are G2 (2nd generation). Made of clean PP material, thin wall and uniform thicknesss can keep good heat transfer.

0,2 ml strips are available in two types: transparant and white, rspectively applicable to normal PCR and real-time PCR (qPCR) reaction.


  • Autoclavable, tube strips fit virtually all popular thermal cyclers.
  • A tight-fitting design on both cap styles eliminates concerns over sample evaporation or ‘popping’ while still being easy to open.
  • Crystal clear transparency throughout.
  • Optical Thin Wall with different sizes: 4 caps, 8 caps, 12 caps.
  • Good sealing performance of the 8-strip while lid closed. Easy to open the cap without contamination.
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation.

PCR Strips Specifications

TypeColorNumber of TubesPackagingArticle No.Quantity/box
0,2 ml Regular profileNature8 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201310 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,2 ml Regular profileWhite8 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201410 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,1 ml/0,2 ml, Low profileNature8 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201510 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,1 ml/0,2 ml, Low profileWhite8 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201610 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,2 ml Regular profileNature12 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201710 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,2 ml Regular profileWhite12 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201810 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,1 ml/0,2 ml, Low profileNature12 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20201910 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
0,1 ml/0,2 ml, Low profileWhite12 tubes120 PCS/BoxGM20202010 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
TypeClassCap LengthPackagingArticle No.Quantity/box
OpticalThin Wall8 caps120 PCS/BoxGM20202110 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)
OpticalThin Wall12 caps120 PCS/BoxGM20202210 Boxes (120 PCS/Box)

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