Petri Dishes

The petri dishes are made of high transparency medical grade PS material. Used for fungus, bacteria and other microorganism culture. 

It is possible that we fill them (GM2020202) with a specific reagent, on request. 


  • Suprior production technique makes the dish thickness uniform.
  • The dish bottom is smooth and clean without deformation, which makes the quentitative analysis more precise.
  • Easy to stack up with stack up circle.
  • Vent design for easy air exchange.
  • E.O or Gamma radiation sterile available.

Petri Dishes Specifications

TypeDiameter x Height or AreaMaterialQuantity/bagArticle No.Quantity/case
Circular (pre-fill possible)Ø90x15 mmPS10GM2020202200 total
CircularØ35x13 mmPS1 / 10 / 20GM16103512300 total
CircularØ60x15 mmPS26GM16106011040 total
CircularØ70x15 mmPS16GM1610701720 total
CircularØ90x15 mmPS1 / 20GM1610901500 total
Circular (Ring Gear)Ø90 mmPS1 / 20GM1610904500 total
Circular (Radian Design)Ø90x13.8 mmPS1 / 20GM1610905500 total
Circular (Ring Gear)Ø60 mmPS26GM16106021040 total
CircularØ150x20 mmPS1 / 20GM1611501120 total
Square100x100 mmPS20GM1611001500 total
Square120x120 mmPS20GM1611201500 total
Square (Grid)100x100 mmPS20GM1611002500 total
Circular (Two-compartment)Ø90 mmPS20GM1610906500 total
Circular (Three-compartment)Ø90 mmPS20GM1610907500 total
Circular (Grid)Ø65 mmPS26GM16106511248 total
Circular (Contact dish with grid)Ø55 mmPS20GM1610551960 total
Circular (Air dish)Ø75 mmPS10GM1610751400 total

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