Presto CT/NG PCR assay kit

The Presto 500 Chlamydia and Gonorrhoeae PCR Kit combined qualitative real time assay of Goffin Molecular Technologies is a fast, innovative and robust detection method for sexually transmitted diseases in most human clinical sample materials.

The presto CT/NG kit is one of the few kits that can detect double infections, in the Netherlands Goffin has 30 percent of the total market with this presto CT/NG kit. The Presto CT/NG kit is distinguished by the fact that it uses an IAC. This is an Isolation and amplification control and is added before the isolation is performed. The function of this control is to monitor and control the efficiency of the insulation. In the event of an isolation error, no IAC is present in any of the samples. The correct way to add the control is to add a control with a certain amount that it becomes negative the moment the detection of CT or NG is linked to a high positive sample. With a strong positive signal, the IAC is negative, inhibition cannot be ruled out for this, we have selectors for this. In other words, if CT and/or NG is high positive then IAC is negative and selectors are used to amplify IAC.


  • CE-IVD
  • Highly specific NG detection
  • Detection of ALL CT serovars
  • Sensitivity 100%/ Specificity 99,8%

BENEFITS of the presto kit CT/NG

  • HOMEBREW PRICING. This kit is as cost effective as your homebrew version. Give us a call and we’ll explain you why!
  • MADE FOR HIGH TROUGHPUT PURPOSES. The  kit has been developed especially for automated systems like the Roche Flow which makes this kit unique in every aspect!
  • LOW DEAD VOLUME. With the unique Presto 500 kit you’re only losing reagents because of dead volume at the very beginning. Once you’ve started you’re not losing any reagents anymore which makes this kit very convenient with a price that can compete with your homebrew.
  • READY TO USE MASTERMIX. Primers, probes, buffers, reagents and Taq-Polymerase, it’s already there, ready for use in the mastermix. No time consuming handling and no spoiling of the excess freshly made mastermix anymore!
  • DETECTION OF DOUBLE INFECTIONS. Because of the use of the so called selectors which are in the kit, double infections will be detected as well. Ask us everything about this unique feature.
  • NO CONFIRMATION NEEDED. Itt is the most specific test available which means that confirmation is never needed.

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