Presto TV PCR Assay Kit


Presto TV PCR assay, the ideal addition for the Presto 100 and Presto 500 CT/NG Assays!
TV (Trichomonas vaginalis) is most common by women, so inclusion in a general CT/NG assay is unnecessary and cost-price ineffective. TV is the responsible pathogen in 5 – 10% of vaginitis cases. In a case of vaginitis where CT/NG are found negative, it is recommended to run a test for TV. This makes the Presto TV PCR ideal as addition to the Presto 100 and Presto 500.

The Presto TV real time PCR assay of Goffin Molecular Technologies is highly innovative and technically reliable and robust detection method for Trichomonas vaginalis (TV). Our CE-IVD rt-PCR detects TV within 60 minutes.

  • ” Very fast reliable and robust test developed and produced in the Netherlands, great! “
  • ” I have never encountered a test of such a high quality at this very attractive price “


  • Ready-to-use mastermix
  • Ideal as add-on to Presto 100 and Presto 500
  • CE-IVD approved


  • HIGHLY RELIABLE. The Presto TV assay is proven to be very reliable, due to high sensitivity and specificity and the unique Internal Amplification Control
  • PRICING AS UNIQUE AND FAMILIAR AS WITH THE PRESTO 100 AND 500. Competes with home-brew pricing
  • READY TO USE MASTERMIX. Primers, probes, buffers, reagents and Taq-Polymerase, it’s already there, ready for use in the mastermix. No time consuming handling and no spoiling of the excess freshly made mastermix anymore! 

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