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Factor II & V Leiden

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With the Factor II & V Leiden (FV-PTH mpx) kit, healthcare professionals gain valuable insights into patients’ genetic predisposition to coagulation disorders, facilitating timely intervention and personalized treatment plans. Viennlab’s commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and innovation makes the FV-PTH mpx kit a crucial tool in the field of hemostasis diagnostics, contributing to improved patient care and better management of coagulation-related conditions.

Product highlights

  • High Sensitivity and Precision
  • Comprehensive Coagulation Analysis
  • Early Detection of Genetic Risks
  • CE-IVD Certification

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Factor II & V Leiden



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Specifications of the Factor II & V Leiden

Factor II & V Leiden mutations are well-known genetic variations that can significantly impact the body’s coagulation processes. By detecting these genetic risk factors early on, laboratories and healthcare providers gain critical insights to develop personalized treatment plans and better assess the risks of thrombotic events, such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

The Factor II and V Leiden (FV-PTH mpx) kit has been meticulously designed with a keen focus on quality and reliability. Its high sensitivity and precision ensure that laboratory professionals can rely on the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, the standardized and user-friendly protocol streamlines the testing process, enabling you to work more efficiently without compromising the quality of the research.

We understand that the smooth implementation of new diagnostic technologies is paramount for your laboratory. That’s why we offer comprehensive support during the implementation process, including technical assistance, training, and guidance. Our team of experienced specialists is always available to address your inquiries and tackle any challenges that may arise.

At Goffin we are passionate about innovation and enhancing patient care. The FV-PTH mpx kit empowers you to proactively address genetic risks and contribute to a personalized approach to healthcare. Together, we can reduce the impact of coagulation disorders and make a positive impact on your patients’ well-being.

We look forward to collaborating with you and exploring the potential of the FV-PTH mpx kit. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Components of the Factor II & V Leiden
  • DNA Extraction Reagents
  • PCR Primers and Probes
  • Nucleotide Mixes
  • Polymerase Enzyme
  • Positive and Negative Controls
  • Reaction Tubes
  • Buffer Solutions
  • User Manual

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