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Factor V Kit

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Unlock Factor V with PCR Precision

Our Factor V Kit provides a high-precision tool for studying the F5 (Leiden) gene, key in blood coagulation. The kit uses just 50 ng of genomic DNA for dual amplification and detection of the gene and its mutations.

Built with top-notch quality standards, it’s the ideal tool for advancing coagulation research.

Product highlights

  • Real-Time PCR
  • Dual Amplification/Detection
  • Specific Allele Targeting
  • Broad Compatibility


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Factor V Kit



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MSDS Factor V Kit


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Specifications of the Factor V Kit

Factor V Kit – Precision and Efficiency in Coagulation Gene Analysis

In the intricate world of molecular biology, identifying specific genetic variants is critical for understanding various medical conditions. One such gene of high importance is the F5 (Leiden) gene, which encodes coagulation factor V. It plays a pivotal role in coagulation processes. Introducing our Factor V Kit, a refined and specialized tool aimed at molecular biologists investigating this vital gene and its variants.

The essence of the Factor V Kit is its real-time PCR diagnostic assay. The kit employs a highly sophisticated combination of oligonucleotides and fluorescent hydrolysis probes to achieve utmost precision. This architecture enables the concurrent amplification and detection of the FV wild type and its single p. Arg506Gln mutation (NM_000130.4:c.1601G>A).

What sets this system apart is its pinpoint accuracy. With each target allele distinctly marked by a specific fluorescent label, it offers crystal-clear interpretation of results. The presence of the wild-type allele serves as an invaluable control for DNA quality and reliability.

Features Crafted for Diagnostic Excellence

Genomic Focus: The assay zeroes in on the specific allele within the genomic DNA, offering precise and targeted outcomes. The optimal sample for such an analysis is genomic DNA from peripheral blood, requiring just 50 ng for each assay.

Real-Time PCR Assay: This attribute helps in quantifying the variant’s presence through real-time PCR. The assay’s validation is derived from reference DNA samples, lending it unparalleled robustness.

Equipment Compatibility: To use the Factor V kit, a real-time PCR system compatible with standard fluorescence channels is necessary.

Quality Control: A heterozygous genomic DNA sample serves as the positive control, guaranteeing the functionality of the PCR system and aiding in qualitative interpretation.

Quality and Standards
Consistency and reliability are paramount in any scientific endeavor. With the Factor V Kit, you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards of ISO 13485 and ISO 14001, both in its manufacturing processes and in the materials utilized.

Conclusion: A New Frontier in Molecular Diagnostics

In the ever-evolving landscape of molecular biology, the Factor V Kit emerges as a revolutionary tool. Meticulously designed and empowered by cutting-edge technology, this kit offers molecular biologists an unparalleled window into the genetic basis of coagulation disorders. For those on the path of scientific discovery and medical research, this tool marks the next step in your journey. Take the leap; your genetic exploration awaits.

Components of the Factor V Kit

The kit contents the necessary reagents to perform 48 reactions. The reagents included in the kit are the following:

  • Factor V Master Mix: Specific oligonucleotides, labelled probes and water reagents for the
    PCR reactions.
  • General Master Mix: Conventional PCR enzyme containing 10-30% glycerol and buffers.
  • Positive Control: Heterozygous positive control for the p.Arg506Gln mutation in F5 gene.

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