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FlashDx – Respiratory Panel 1.0

Short description

FlashDx’s Respiratory Panel detects 8 pathogens commonly seen in respiratory tract infection in one test: SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, RSV, AdV, PIV 1/2/3, HRV/HEV, MP.

Product highlights

  • Specimen: Nasopharyngeal, nasal or throat swabs
  • Transport Media: UTM/VTM* or saline (0.9%)

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FlashDx – Respiratory Panel 1.0



Technical Datasheet

Specifications of the FlashDx – Respiratory Panel 1.0
Catalog Number CoV2P8-10
Instrument FlashDx-1000-E
Technology Microarray-qPCR
Batch or On-Demand On-Demand
Minimum Batch Size 1
Sample Extraction Fully automated/integrated
Precision Pipetting Not required
Turnaround Time < 1 hour
Hands-on Time < 1 minute
Control Internal Process Control
Sensitivity 98.4%
Specificity 99,9%
Kit Storage 2-8 °C

Components of the FlashDx – Respiratory Panel 1.0
SARS-CoV-2 N, E, and ORF1ab genes
Influenza A Matrix gene
Influenza B NEP/NS2 gene
Adenovirus E3 gene
Respiratory syncytial virus L gene
Parainfluenza virus 1/2/3 HN/L/HN genes
Rhinovirus/Enterovirus Polyprotein gene
Mycoplasma pneumonia Toxin gene

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