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FMF-SAA1 StripAssay

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The FMF-SAA1 StripAssay® is a groundbreaking diagnostic kit designed for the identification of the most common disease-causing mutations in the MEFV gene and risk factors for AA amyloidosis in Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF). This user-friendly test employs a three-step methodology: DNA isolation, PCR amplification, and hybridization on a test strip. The kit provides a complete set of reagents and instructions, making it an essential tool for healthcare providers and diagnostic labs. It contributes to faster and more accurate diagnosis, which is crucial for effective treatment and management of FMF.

Product highlights

  • Rapid Results
  • Multi-Gene Analysis
  • In-Depth Testing
  • Amyloid Risk
  • Ethnic Variability
  • Easy Interpretation

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FMF-SAA1 StripAssay



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Specifications of the FMF-SAA1 StripAssay

Unlocking the Mysteries of Familial Mediterranean Fever with the FMF-SAA1 StripAssay®

Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is a medical enigma that has puzzled healthcare professionals for years. It is the most common inherited inflammatory disorder, mainly affecting people of Mediterranean descent. The disorder manifests as recurrent episodes of fever, alongside painful inflammation in the abdomen, chest, or joints. These episodes can last anywhere from 12 to 72 hours, severely disrupting the patient’s quality of life. While prophylactic treatment with colchicine can help manage symptoms, the most debilitating long-term complication is systemic reactive (AA) amyloidosis, which can lead to organ damage and kidney failure.

Understanding the genetic basis of FMF is essential for effective diagnosis and treatment. This is where the FMF-SAA1 StripAssay® steps in. This state-of-the-art diagnostic tool identifies the most frequent disease-causing mutations in the MEFV gene and also pinpoints risk factors for developing AA amyloidosis.

Mutational Spectrum

The MEFV gene encodes a protein known as pyrin or marenostrin, pivotal in the control of inflammation. A myriad of mutations in this gene is responsible for the varying severity of FMF and the associated risk of AA amyloidosis. The FMF-SAA1 StripAssay® can identify up to 12 mutations, including E148Q, P369S, F479L, M680I (G>C), M680I (G>A), I692del, M694V, M694I, K695R, V726A, A744S, and R761H, providing a comprehensive genetic profile.

Beyond the MEFV Gene

But the power of this assay doesn’t stop at the MEFV gene. It also explores two polymorphic loci in the SAA1 gene, directly related to the risk of developing AA amyloidosis. Being homozygous for the SAA isotype SAA1.1 is significantly linked to the condition, providing another layer of diagnostic specificity.

Methodology and User-friendliness

The FMF-SAA1 StripAssay® uses a three-step methodology:

  1. DNA isolation with Lysis Solution and GENXTRACTTM Resin.
  2. PCR amplification using biotinylated primers.
  3. Hybridization of amplification products to a test strip containing allele-specific oligonucleotide probes.

The user-friendly test kit comes complete with everything you need, from the Lysis Solution to CollectorTM sheets, packaged in an easy-to-understand manner. Bound sequences are detected using streptavidin-alkaline phosphatase and color substrates, making it easily decipherable even to the untrained eye.

Intended Use and Reliability

The assay is designed for human in vitro diagnostics and adheres to the highest quality standards. It offers unparalleled reliability in identifying MEFV and SAA1 gene mutations based on advanced polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse-hybridization techniques.

Bridging the Gap in Diagnosis

The FMF-SAA1 StripAssay® stands as a pillar in the timely and accurate diagnosis of FMF and its complications. By offering a complete view of the genetic markers associated with this disorder, it fills a critical gap in the healthcare landscape.

By employing the FMF-SAA1 StripAssay®, healthcare providers and diagnostic labs are not just buying a product; they are investing in a solution that can potentially transform the lives of patients with FMF. With this technological marvel, we are one step closer to understanding the genetic underpinnings of FMF and developing targeted treatment strategies that could redefine medical practice for this complex disorder.

Components of the FMF-SAA1 StripAssay
  1. Lysis Solution – 50 ml
  2. GENXTRACTTM Resin – 5 ml Amplification Mix (Yellow Cap) – 500 µl
  3. Taq Dilution Buffer (Transparent Cap) – 500 µl
  4. DNAT (Blue Cap) – 1.5 ml (Warning)
  5. Typing Trays – 3 units
  6. Test Strips – 20 units
  7. Hybridization Buffer (White Cap) – 25 ml
  8. Wash Solution A (White Cap) – 80 ml
  9. Conjugate Solution – 25 ml
  10. Wash Solution B – 80 ml
  11. Color Developer – 25 ml (Warning)
  12. CollectorTM Sheet – 1 unit

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