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GMO Screening Kit

Short description

The GMO Screening Plus Kit is an advanced molecular tool designed for the precise detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in diverse food and feed samples. Leveraging real-time PCR technology, the kit identifies the presence of transgenic DNA by targeting three key regulatory regions present in EU-approved GMOs. An integrated internal positive control ensures the robustness of the assay by identifying potential inhibitory effects during the PCR process.

Given its comprehensive spectrum of detection, including crucial transgenic events not covered by traditional screening, this kit stands as a pivotal asset for ensuring compliance with GMO regulations and facilitating unambiguous interpretation of results in a laboratory setting.


Product highlights

  • Broad Spectrum Detection
  • Internal Positive Control
  • High Sensitivity
  • Versatility

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GMO Screening Kit



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Specifications of the GMO Screening Kit

GMO Detection Elevated: A Deep Dive into the Imegen GMO Screening Plus Kit

Transgenic DNA Analysis in the Modern Lab

With soy and corn derivatives constituting a significant fraction of our food matrix, the European Union’s regulatory framework mandates meticulous GMO screening. The Imegen GMO Screening Plus Kit is a potent response to this requirement, targeting three regulatory regions in EU-sanctioned GMOs. The integration of all necessary reagents for a robust GMO DNA detection process offers an enhanced level of confidence.

Internal Positive Control (IPC): A Distinct Advantage

A salient feature for labs focused on data integrity is the inclusion of the IPC. This ensures that any PCR inhibition, which could potentially skew results, is immediately flagged, ensuring the fidelity of your PCR run.

Beyond Traditional Screening: Expanding the Regulatory Region Repertoire

While most labs might rely on the conventional promoter 35S from CaMV and the terminator NOS from Agrobacterium tumefaciens for screening, such methodologies are inherently limited. They inadvertently overlook pivotal transgenic events like MON89788 soy or H7-1 sugar beet.

The Imegen kit integrates the promoter 34S from FMV in tandem with P35S and TNOS regulatory regions. Given that these regulatory elements are endogenous to organisms such as CaMV, A. tumefaciens, and FMV, this expanded scope facilitates a broader detection spectrum. And to address the conundrum of distinguishing between naturally occurring organisms and GMOs, the kit’s simultaneous detection of exclusive genomic regions for these organisms provides a decisive analytical edge.

Multiplex PCR: Dual Amplification in One Go

Four distinct real-time PCRs, each amplifying two independent regions via a single multiplex PCR reaction, enable simultaneous monitoring on both FAM and VIC channels of your thermal cycler. The reactions – P35S/CaMV, TNOS/A. tumefaciens, P35S/FMV, and Plant/IPC – enhance the granularity of your GMO analysis.

Pushing the Sensitivity Envelope

From a sensitivity standpoint, the kit’s prowess in detecting certified standards with as little as 0.1% of various transgenic events is indicative of its robust design and precision, setting it apart from standard kits.

In Summation: Elevating the GMO Analysis Paradigm

The Imegen GMO Screening Plus Kit represents an optimal blend of sensitivity, specificity, and sophistication in GMO detection. It stands as a testament to modern lab tech’s capacity to address the intricate challenges posed by the global food industry. Enhance your lab’s GMO analytical capabilities with the precision and proficiency of the Imegen GMO Screening Plus Kit.

Components of the GMO Screening Kit
  • P35S Master Mix
  • TNOS Master Mix
  • P34S-FMV Master Mix
  • Plant Master Mix
  • General Master Mix
  • Positive Control

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