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Maize DNA detection

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The Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit offers a reliable and precise method for detecting genetically modified maize DNA. Utilizing real-time multiplex PCR technology with dual TaqMan MGB probes, the kit ensures accurate identification while ruling out assay inhibitors through an internal positive control.

Ideal for compliance with EU GMO regulations, this kit serves as a robust tool for professionals in food safety and molecular biology laboratories.

Product highlights

  • Dual-Probe System
  • Inhibitor Identification
  • High Sensitivity
  • Real-time Multiplex PCR

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Maize DNA detection



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Specifications of the Maize DNA detection

Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit: A Comprehensive Tool for GMO Detection in Maize

The Importance of Regulatory Oversight in GMOs

In the current global landscape, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become ubiquitous, especially in agricultural products like corn and soy. These crops and their derivatives, including corn starch and soy proteins, feature in over 60% of the food items consumed worldwide. Given this prevalence, the European Union (EU) has enacted specific legal frameworks to regulate the use, environmental release, and most crucially, the labeling of foodstuffs containing GMOs. These regulations underscore the need for reliable methods of GMO detection and identification.

The Challenge of Maize DNA Identification

In the complex realm of GMO detection, the precise and accurate identification of DNA is a foundational requirement. It is particularly pertinent when it comes to maize, one of the most extensively cultivated and genetically modified crops globally. The Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit offers a scientifically rigorous and reliable solution, leveraging real-time multiplex PCR technology for maize DNA detection.

Two-Pronged Approach: Dual-Probe System for Enhanced Reliability

What sets this kit apart from others in the market is its dual-probe system. The kit uses two TaqMan Minor Groove Binder (MGB) probes to detect maize DNA in a given sample. The first of these probes is labeled with FAM dye and is specifically engineered to detect maize DNA. The second is labeled with VIC dye and serves as an internal positive control (IPC).

The inclusion of the IPC in the assay system provides a layer of reliability that is critical for accurate results. This control is designed to rule out any inhibitors in the sample that could compromise the accuracy of the assay. It also serves as an essential checkpoint for the overall functioning of the assay system, ensuring that the results obtained are both reliable and reproducible.

Versatility Across Applications

While the primary function of the Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit is to facilitate the identification of GMO maize, its design allows for broader applications. Given the precision and reliability of its real-time multiplex PCR system, the kit finds usage in various analytical settings, including molecular biology laboratories that require stringent quality controls.

Conclusion: Standardizing Maize DNA Identification

In summary, the Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit is not just another tool in GMO detection methods. By combining advanced real-time multiplex PCR technology with a dual-probe system that incorporates an internal positive control, the kit sets a new benchmark in maize DNA identification and GMO detection. This level of rigor and reliability is precisely what is required to align with the stringent regulations imposed by entities like the EU.

As we continue to seek better methodologies for ensuring food safety and integrity, the role of tools like the Imegen Maize/IPC ID Kit cannot be overstated. This kit serves as an essential resource for professionals in the field, contributing significantly to ongoing efforts to monitor and regulate GMO presence in the food supply.


Components of the Maize DNA detection
  • Maize Master Mix
  • General Master Mix
  • Positive Control

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