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Plant DNA kit

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Unlock the genetic secrets of your food with the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit. Expertly designed for accurate plant DNA identification, it uses advanced multiplex PCR technology with dual probes, ensuring both specificity and reliability. Ideal for processing large food samples (10-20g), this kit is your go-to for guaranteed traceability and origin verification.

Partner it with the recommended Food Extraction Kit for optimal DNA extraction, and unlock the true potential of your food sample assessments.


Product highlights

  • Precision Identification
  • Dual Probes System
  • Internal Control
  • Large Sample Processing

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Plant DNA kit



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Recommended Extraction Kit

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Specifications of the Plant DNA kit

The ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit: A Revolutionary Approach to Plant DNA Verification in Food

In an era where the origins and makeup of our food are paramount, the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit provides an tool for identifying plant DNA presence in diverse food samples. This kit stands as a beacon, illuminating the pathways of food traceability, from raw materials to finished products, and every step in between.

The Importance of Plant DNA Identification in Food

The realm of food analysis is intricate and nuanced, requiring tools of the utmost precision. At the heart of it all is the need to verify the presence of plant DNA, ensuring the origin, traceability, and purity of raw materials, and monitoring the cleanliness and efficiency of production lines. Meeting these demands head-on, the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit presents itself as an essential asset.

Key Features: Probes and Control

The kit employs real-time multiplex PCR, using two distinct TaqMan MGB probes. The first, labelled with a FAM dye, targets plant DNA sequences with pinpoint accuracy. Meanwhile, the second probe, labelled with VIC, serves as an internal positive control. This control is essential, ruling out potential inhibitors in the sample while concurrently verifying the assay’s performance.

Significance of Sample Volume

An attribute that sets this kit apart is its consideration for ample sample sizes, advocating for the processing of 10-20 grams. This recommendation is rooted in the quest for results that truly represent the sample’s overall composition. Where other methods might fall short, the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit ensures comprehensive coverage and analysis.

The Recommended DNA Extraction Technique

To complement the kit and maximize its efficacy, a DNA extraction procedure capable of handling vast sample quantities is recommended. For those without access to such methods, the Food Extraction Kit emerges as the ideal partner, ensuring seamless DNA extraction tailored for the Plant/IPC ID Kit.

A Tool for a Multitude of Applications

The versatility of the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit transcends boundaries. Whether used in the context of raw food products, processed goods, or animal feed, it consistently delivers. By illuminating the presence or absence of plant DNA, it offers invaluable insights into food safety, quality, and origin.

In Summary: Setting New Standards in Food Traceability

Championing advancements in food analysis, the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit is more than just a tool. Through its technology and robust functionality, it provides clarity in a complex world. As we continue to demand transparency and accuracy in the foods we consume, ImegenAgro offers a beacon of truth, ensuring every bite we take is informed and safe. Experience the future of food analysis with the ImegenAgro Plant/IPC ID Kit.

Components of the Plant DNA kit
  • Plant Master Mix
  • General Master Mix
  • Plant Positive Control

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