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Sentinat200 PCR Platform

Short description

The SENTiNAT200 stands as a testament to molecular diagnostics evolution. By harnessing the power of automation, precision, and integration, it not only simplifies the complex PCR workflow but redefines it. With the potential to process 48 samples in just 4 hours, provide results through cloud-based accessibility, and accommodate diverse assays and targets, the SENTiNAT® 200 presents a new era in diagnostics.

This platform encapsulates the essence of precision and efficiency, solidifying its place as a revolutionary tool in the pursuit of accurate and swift molecular diagnostics. Sentinel’s SENTiNAT® 200 isn’t just a device; it’s a beacon of progress that has redefined the future of diagnostics.

Product highlights

  • Fully deck-integrated sample to result solution
  • Magnetic beads based extraction technology
  • Two integrated independent qPCRs thermal cyclers
  • Fast qPCR to speed up the Turn-Around- Time
  • Results in less than 2 hours
  • Wide portfolio of compatible freeze-dried kits

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Sentinat200 PCR Platform




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Specifications of the Sentinat200 PCR Platform

Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics: SENTiNAT® 200 by Sentinel

In the dynamic realm of molecular diagnostics, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the SENTiNAT200 by Sentinel has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the landscape of PCR assays. Through a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, precision-driven design, and user-friendly features, this compact benchwork-sized marvel offers a comprehensive solution for PCR assays, delivering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy to laboratories worldwide.

A Fusion of Robustness and Ease

The SENTiNAT® 200 stands at the forefront of molecular diagnostics innovation, seamlessly integrating with the patented STAT-NAT® (STabilized Amplification Technology) lyophilized kits. This powerhouse is built upon Sentinel’s globally recognized solution, ensuring that assays remain robust and dependable over extended periods at room temperature. This reliability serves as a cornerstone for laboratories striving for consistent, error-free results.

The SENTiNAT® 200 goes beyond bridging the gap between automation and operator control; it harmoniously blends the two, creating a unique synergy that amplifies throughput while maintaining flexibility. This groundbreaking collaboration between technology and user control ensures laboratories can achieve unparalleled efficiency without sacrificing adaptability.


Components of the Sentinat200 PCR Platform
  1. Benchtop Instrument: The SENTiNAT® 200 is designed as a benchtop instrument, making it a convenient addition to laboratory workspaces.
  2. Integrated SENTiNAT® MICRO Modules: The instrument is equipped with 2 SENTiNAT® MICRO modules integrated into the deck. This likely refers to the PCR modules that facilitate the amplification process.
  3. 4 Light Channels: The instrument features 4 light channels, which likely relate to the detection and analysis of the PCR results.
  4. Barcode Reader: A barcode reader ensures full traceability of samples and reagents, contributing to result reliability and quality assurance.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the SENTiNAT® 200 instrument are approximately L 1124 cm x H 903 cm x D 795 cm.
  • Weight: The instrument weighs around 140 kg, making it relatively compact and manageable in laboratory setups.


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