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Soy DNA Detection

Short description

The Imegen Soya/IPC ID Kit offers a reliable and precise method for detecting GMOs in soy products. Utilizing real-time multiplex PCR technology and a dual-probe system, the kit ensures accurate identification of soy DNA and compliance with EU regulations.

Ideal for various analytical settings, it serves as an essential tool for food safety and GMO screening.

Product highlights

  • Dual-Probe System
  • Internal Positive Control
  • High Sensitivity
  • Real-time Multiplex PCR

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Soy DNA Detection



Instructions for Use

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Specifications of the Soy DNA Detection

Imegen Soya/IPC ID Kit: A Reliable Solution for GMO Detection in Soy Products

The Imperative for Regulatory Compliance in GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have infiltrated agriculture on a global scale, notably in staple crops like corn and soy. In fact, derivatives from these crops such as corn starch and soy proteins are found in over 60% of our food. This has led the European Union (EU) to establish rigorous legal frameworks for the use, environmental impact, and labeling of GMO-containing products. With such pressing regulatory requirements, there is a significant need for reliable, precise GMO detection methods.

The Complexity of Detecting Soy DNA

Identifying GMOs in soy, one of the world’s most widely cultivated and modified crops, presents a unique set of challenges. The Imegen Soya/IPC ID Kit addresses these issues effectively, offering a targeted solution using real-time multiplex PCR technology for the detection of soy DNA.

Innovative Dual-Probe System for Enhanced Accuracy

One of the distinguishing features of this kit is its two-pronged, dual-probe approach. It employs two TaqMan Minor Groove Binder (MGB) probes. The first probe, labeled with FAM dye, is designed to specifically identify soy DNA. The second, labeled with VIC dye, serves as an internal positive control (IPC), adding an additional layer of reliability to the test results. This control helps rule out any inhibitors in the sample, which ensures the assay’s accuracy and confirms its correct functioning.

Sample Size and DNA Extraction Methodology

Given the need for representative results, the kit advises the use of a DNA extraction method capable of processing large amounts of sample, ranging from 10 to 20 grams. This not only ensures the results are representative but also meets the stringent regulatory criteria set forth by the EU.

Adaptable Across Various Applications

While the primary goal of the Imegen Soya/IPC ID Kit is to facilitate GMO detection in soy products, its meticulous design and robust technology make it suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes settings like molecular biology labs that adhere to high-quality standards and controls.

Concluding Thoughts: Setting the Benchmark in Soy DNA Identification

In a world increasingly focused on food safety and compliance with stringent regulations, the Imegen Soya/IPC ID Kit emerges as a robust, reliable solution. By marrying advanced real-time multiplex PCR technology with a dual-probe system and internal positive control, the kit establishes a new standard in soy DNA identification and GMO detection. Its contribution to regulatory alignment and food safety is significant, making it an invaluable tool for professionals striving for higher standards in food analysis and GMO screening.


Components of the Soy DNA Detection

The kit contents the necessary reagents to perform 48 reactions

  • 360 µl Soy Master Mix
  • 600 µl General Master Mix
  • 60 µl Positive Control

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