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Wheat DNA Detection

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The Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit provides a reliable and accurate method for detecting wheat DNA, especially crucial in the context of GMO regulation. Utilizing real-time multiplex PCR technology and a dual-probe system, the kit ensures high levels of accuracy and compliance with EU guidelines.

Product highlights

  • Dual-Probe System
  • Internal Positive Control
  • High Sensitivity
  • Real-time Multiplex PCR

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Wheat DNA Detection



Instructions for Use

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Specifications of the Wheat DNA Detection

Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit: A Comprehensive Tool for the Detection of Wheat DNA in Accordance with Regulatory Guidelines

The global agricultural industry has seen a marked rise in the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), particularly in staple crops like corn, soy, and wheat. As these ingredients find their way into an extensive range of food products, the European Union (EU) has responded with a series of stringent regulations aimed at controlling the use, environmental release, and labeling of GMOs.

The Unique Challenge of Wheat DNA Detection

Wheat, a critical component in a variety of food products, has its own set of unique challenges when it comes to GMO detection. Traditional methods have often proved inadequate in achieving the level of precision required by regulatory authorities. To address this gap, the Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit has been developed, incorporating real-time multiplex PCR technology specifically for the detection of wheat DNA.

The Role of Dual-Probe Technology in Ensuring Accurate Results

The Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit employs a dual-probe system to improve the accuracy and reliability of its test results. The system uses two TaqMan MGB probes, differentiated by their labeling dyes. The first probe, labeled with FAM dye, targets wheat DNA specifically. The second probe, labeled with VIC dye, serves as an internal positive control (IPC). This internal control is essential for ruling out any inhibitors that could potentially interfere with the sample, thereby ensuring the correct functioning of the assay. The dual-probe system adds an additional layer of reliability to each test, which can be critical for meeting compliance standards.

Versatility and Broader Applicability

While the primary application of the Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit is GMO detection in wheat products, its technological framework allows for versatility in its usage. The kit can be applied in a variety of settings that require stringent quality control measures, such as molecular biology labs and other research institutions. Its robust design and compliance with EU regulations make it a useful tool for professionals across different fields requiring GMO detection and identification.

Concluding Remarks

The regulatory framework for GMOs, particularly in the European Union, has created a pressing need for reliable and accurate detection methods. The Imegen Wheat/IPC ID Kit rises to this challenge by offering a methodologically sound, reliable, and compliant solution for detecting wheat DNA. The kit’s use of real-time multiplex PCR technology, combined with a dual-probe system and internal positive control, ensures a level of accuracy that is essential for meeting EU guidelines. Given the increasing scrutiny and regulation of GMOs in food products, having a reliable tool such as this is not just beneficial but imperative for professionals engaged in food safety, quality control, and regulatory compliance.


Components of the Wheat DNA Detection

The kit contents the necessary reagents to perform 48 reactions

  • 360 µl Wheat Master Mix
  • 600 µl General Master Mix
  • 60 µl Positive Control

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