The extreme flexibility of the Alfred 60/AST makes a substantial contribution to the automation needs of the modern microbiology laboratory. The Alfred 60/AST is the first fully automated system able to perform bacterial culture, RAA and susceptibility testing by automating the whole process of sample inoculation, reading and result transmission. The Alfred 60/AST monitors the growth phases of bacteria from the inoculum step into specific culture broths providing real time growth curves and quantitative bacterial count results in CFU/ml. All the samples are incubated at 37 degrees and only live bacteria are detected while interference from non replicating sybstances such as erythrocytes, leucocytes, dead cells and salts present in the sample are eliminated during the initial zero reading

alfred 60st


  • Automated susceptibility testing with customised antibiotic panels
  • Realtime detection of bacterial growth curves
  • Results expressed in CFU/ml
  • Light Scattering Technology
  • Refrigerated areas
  • Results in 5 hours!
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