The Alifax Id-One is a reagent-free ATR-FTIR system that can identify a vast amount of micro-organisms in 1 minute. I∙dOne analyses the spectrum produced by the interaction between intact microbial cells and IR light through the vibrational state of their chemical bonds. Each species produces a unique fingerprint-like FTIR spectrum. This compact device can be used in laboratories with both a large and small capacity. It can be used with colonies from petri dishes as well as pellet from Alifax’ liquid culture.


Unique features

  • 1 Minute ID from isolated colony or liquid culture pellet
  • Reagent-Free
  • No sample preparation or pre-treatment
  • Upgradable fingerprint library
  • Patent pending ATR-FTIR technology
  • User friendly
  • CE-IVD marked
  • No mechanical maintenance
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