The RAP Sepsis kit is an antibiotic susceptibility testing on positive blood cultures in 3 hours. This kit allows the microbiologist to define the custom antibiotic panel according to Gram-staining of rapid ID (Id-One) and the patient’s specific needs. RAP Sepsis provides clinically useful results within 3 to 5 hours turnaround time. The results gives both sensitivity and resistance from a walk-away inoculum system, from both blood cultures and isolated colonies.



Life-saving test

  • Crucial for the resolution of the disease

Personalized diagnostics

  • Therapy change / confirmation
  • Daily patient monitoring
  • Optimization of patient management

Lab automation

  • Automation of clinical AST
  • Simultaneous management of multiple patients
  • Standardized AST method
  • Complete integration of ALIFAX technology with the current methods present in the laboratory

Healthcare system economic efficiency

  • Decrease of patient length of stay in intensive care unit
  • Cost reduction of hospitalization, therapies and diagnostics
  • Restraint of hospital and multi-resistant infections
  • Meets the requirements of the Antimicrobial Stewardship program
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