The combination of the Sidecar and the Alfred 60AST forms an automated streaking system integrated with the rapid bacteria culture. The Sidecar streaking system stocks 240 petri dishes and up to 12 different media. The streaked dishes can be incubated in the sidecar as well, at 37°C.

Thanks to the Light Scattering technology, Alfred 60AST detects the presence of bacteria and their drug resistance in a few hours. While also providing real time growth curves and quantitative bacterial results in CFU/ml. The Sidecar streaking system is programmed to only plate the positive samples, fully automatic. Bacterial culture of biological liquids and MDRO screening results are available in 6 hours while Susceptibility testing results in 3 hours.



Negative samples are reported in one day
-Significant reduction of streaked samples
-Different streaking patterns
-Incubation on board at 37°C.
-Compatible with different primary disposable tubes.

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