The products that are produced by Alifax are catogorized into 3 different domains. Transportation, bacteriology line and ESR line.

Bacteriology Line

The products in the bacteriology line are fully automated systems that provide rapid Bacterial Culture, Residual Antimicrobial Activity, Susceptibility testing and Petri dish streaking. These result in fast and reliable outcomes, method standardization, sample traceability and easy to use instrumentation.

I-dOne - Next generation microorganism identification
Sidecar - Automated streaking system integrated with a rapid bacteria culture
alfred 60st
Alfred 60AST - Automated system for bacterial culture and susceptibility testing
HB&L - Analyser for bacterial culture and the susceptibility testing in human biological fluids and urine
Rapid AST Phenotypic Sepsis test - Antibiotic susceptibility testing on positive blood culture in only 3 hours
Multi Drug Resistant Organism test - Rapid and automated phenotypic screening
bacteriology test
Bacteriology test - automation in bacteriology

ESR Line

ESR analysers are the only systems, capable of providing results in 20 seconds by measuring red blood cells aggregation.

roller 20lc
Roller 20LC - Automatic sampling
roller 20mc
Roller 20MC - Manual sampling
roller 20pn
Roller 20PN - Double circuit for automatic and manual sampling
test 1
Test 1 - Fully Automated Analyzer for the determination of the ESR
jo plus
JO-PLUS - On line ESR system for total laboratory automation
latex controls
Latex Controls - ESR ready to use controls


AliBox - Certified Quality & Traceability for transportation of biological samples
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