Dynablot Automatic is a system which fully automates blot processing starting with samples being pipetted and finishes with camera image capture. Only insertion of samples in primary tubes and strips are required from an operator. The instrument is fitted with reagents peristaltic pumps located at its front for easy use and handling. The pumps are capable of running in reverse. It assists the functions “Antidrop” (no drops at the end of tubing during dispensing) and “Reagents saving” (aspiration of dead volume back to reagent bottles after last dis-pensing). The mixing of strip content during incubation is assisted by rocking the strip plate. Slow, medium or fast rocking speeds can be selected. Used liquid media is removed by an integrated vacuum pump and then directed to a waste bottle with a level sensor. All reagent tubing can be replaced easily.

dynablot automatic


  • Fully automated instrument for the immunoblot and westernblot assays
  • Automatic sample pipetting from primary tubes
  • Strip image capture by camera
  • Drying of strips
  • Walk-away operation
  • User friendly SW for easy and comprehensible operation
  • Compact instrument dimensions (800 x 500 x 540 mm), weight (35 kg) and very quiet running are friendly to laboratory environments. The instrument power consumption is up to 50 W.
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