iNtRON provides multiple lab reagents and diagnostic kits (PCR). In the table below are all the lab reagents regarding RNA displayed. The manual or brochure regarding a product is linked under the test name.

TestCatalog. Nr.# Tests
easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit17061100 mL
easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit17061L 100 mL x 5
easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit17063100 mL
Fast HQ RNA Extraction Kit1721350 Col.
easy-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit1722150 Col.
RNA-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit1721150 Col.
Viral Gene-spin™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit1715150 Col.
Patho Gene-spin™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit1715450 Col.
miRacle™ miRNA Extraction Kit (Dual)1752150 tests
RNA Series Column + Collection tubeC17000RC50 ea
Patho Gene-spin™ Plus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit1715850 Col.

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