iNtRON provides multiple lab reagents and diagnostic kits (PCR). In the table below are all the lab reagents and diagnostic kits regarding RT-PCR displayed. The manual or brochure regarding a product is linked under the test name. 

TestCatalog. Nr.# Tests
LiliF™ COVID-19 Real-time RT-PCR KitIPH21505.50 50 Tests
LiliF™ DENV Real-time RT-PCR KitIPH31501 50 Tests
LiliF™ EV Real-time RT-PCR KitIPH21501 50 Tests
LiliF™ DENV RT-PCR Identification KitIPH3120348 Tests
LiliF™ YFV/DENV Real-time RT-PCR KitIP14841 50 Tests
LiliF™ EV VP1 1st RT-PCR KitIP13141 48 Tests
LiliF™ Rota RT-PCR KitIP12597 48 Tests
LiliF™ HANTA-Multi RT-PCR KitIP13246 48 Tests
Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix2513196 tubes
HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT-PCR PreMix Kit2513596 tubes
ONE-STEP RT-PCR PreMix Kit2510150 rxn
Maxime™ RT PreMix (Oligo (dT)15 Primer)2508196 tubes
Maxime™ RT PreMix (Random Primer)2508296 tubes
HiSenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit2508796 tubes
HiSenScript™ RH(-) cDNA Synthesis Kit2501450 rxn
Power cDNA Synthesis Kit2501130 rxn
M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase 2703210,000 unit
RNase Inhibitor270522,000 unit
Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit 2509396 tubes
Fast Premium Maxime™ RT PreMix 2509096 tubes
Fast Maxime™ RT PreMix (Oligo (dT)15 Primer)2508996 tubes

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