automationGoodbye enervating DNA preparation – CE IVD-marked Micro-Dx presents automated DNA preparation from diverse specimens. Low hands-on in Real-Time PCR diagnosis of pathogens is ideal for daily routine. Micro-Dx is the culture-independent molecular automation analysis of bacterial and fungal pathogens in clinical specimens with fully automated extraction of microbial DNA by the SelectNA™plus robot. The test is validated for a variety of clinical specimens, including whole blood, CSF, BAL, joint aspirates, ascites fluid, peritoneal fluid, pus, wound and nasal swabs, bone and soft tissue biopsies, heart and aortic valves and more.

The table below contains all products produced by Molzym that facilitate the (semi-)automated extraction of pathogen DNA. You can find more information about the products in this flyer, or by clicking the name of a product for the manual or additional information.

Fully automated PCR isolation
SelectNA™plus robotInstrument for fully automated microbial DNA extraction1D-400-001
MolYsis-SelectNA™plusKit for fully automated enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA for body fluids, tissues and swabs48 reactionsD-450-048
Micro-Dx™ CE IVDFluids, tissue biopsies, swabs24 reactionsU-200-024
48 reactionsU-200-048
Semi automated PCR isolation
UMD-SelectNA™ CE IVDFluids, tissue biopsies, swabs24 reactionsU-050-024
48 reactionsU-050-048
SelectNA™ Blood Pathogen KitKit for semi-automated enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA from whole blood48 reactionsD-360-048

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