MolzymMolzym produces kits for manual and automated isolation of host DNA-depleted microbial DNA. Molzym also has CE-IVD marked kits for routine diagnosis. Which include DNA extraction, 16S & 18S rRNA gene Real-Time PCR assays and primers for Sanger or next-generation sequencing analysis of amplicons. With these kits you are able to identify more than 1,350 microorganisms. SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD is a tool that ensures a rapid and precise diagnosis of essentially all common and rare pathogens in clinical specimens. The automated microbial DNA extraction of clinical samples greatly reduces hands-on time and contamination risk in pathogen diagnosis. Micro-Dx™ integrates robotic solutions to precision diagnosis. The UMD-Tubes are deep-freeze tubes that preserve the value of your samples under contamination-free conditions for optimal sample preparation following Molzym’s pathogen diagnostic kits.

You can find all Molzym products by clicking the buttons below. Or you can watch a summary video that explains what Molzym’s products are for.

DNA-free Sequencing Primers
DNA-free PCR Reagent

DNA-free Assays
Standard Polymerases

MolYsis™ – Pre-analytic Kits for Microbial DNA Isolation 

Molecular Pathogen Diagnostics


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