OasisOasis Diagnostics® Corporation was found in 2002 to address a growing need for non-invasive saliva based technology for rapid testing, sample collection, and molecular diagnostics (DNA, RNA and proteins) in the Life Sciences area. The Company is dedicated to meeting the need for more effective screening tools, which may be applied to the early detection of diseases and medical disorders, utilizing non-invasive test specimens and particularly oral fluids (saliva).The Company’s range of collection and (future) diagnostic tools are covered by a portfolio of issued US, EU and International patents.

Recognizing that early diagnosis is the key to disease prevention on a global basis, the Company directs its research efforts towards the development of oral based rapid, point-of-care, laboratory-based and molecular products, which fit into a Corporate objective of improving the quality of healthcare for our global customers.

pure sal
PureSAL ™ - Collection cell-free RNA, DNA and proteins from saliva
SimplOFy™ - Collection and stabilization of salivary DNA
super sal
Super•SAL™ - Universal collection tool for saliva samples
pedia sal
PediaSAL - Collection from Neonates and Infants
dna sal
DNA-SAL - Collection of DNA from the oral cavity
pro sal
RNAPro•SAL™ - Split sample collection of cell free RNA/DNA
accu sal
Accu•SAL™ - Universal saliva collection for drugs
Micro•SAL™ - Universal small volume collection
versi sal
Versi•SAL™/(Travel) - General versatile saliva collector or Travel Cover
mini midi sal
MiniSAL / MidiSAL - Isolation of DNA from 0.1ml – 1.0/3.0ml of oral specimin
UltraSal-2™ - Large volume split sample collector
fem collect
FemCollect - Collection of cells/DNA from the vaginal canal
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