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Chlamydia, Gonnorrhea and Trichomonas Tests

The Presto molecular diagnostic kits are Real time PCR assays on Sexual Transmitted Infections. The Presto Kits have an extraordinary high quality, are robust, can detect double infections.

Oasis Diagnostics® - Saliva Collectors

Oasis Diagnostics® provides a non-invasive saliva based technology for rapid testing, sample collection, and molecular diagnostics (DNA, RNA and proteins) in the Life Sciences area.

ViennaLab - Strip Assays and PCR Assays

ViennaLab Diagnostics offers a variety of easy-to-use in vitro diagnostic kits for the detection of genetic mutations, as well as genetic predispositions, pharmacogenetics and oncology.

Arcis Biotechnology

Arcis - Sample Preperation Kits

Arcis Biotechnology is focused on providing fast and convenient nucleic acid sample preparation solutions. Obtaining genetic material from biological samples is a critical step in molecular biology processes which is often time consuming and inefficient.

iNtRON Biotechnology - Lab Reagents and PCR kits

iNtRON Biotechnology is a company that focuses on research and development since its foundation and accelerates development speed after the IPO in KOSDAQ. This company offers various kits for DNA and RNA extractions, protein detection, PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR.


Ademtech - Molecular Diagnostics Real Time PCR

Ademtech provides a broad range of molecular biology Real Time PCR and extraction kits. These products are divided in mycology, virology and parasitology.

COVID-19 related products

The products that we offer are from different manufacturers, with each their own features such as Real time PCR kits, saliva collectors, sample tubes and a sample transportation box.

PCR Related

Molzym - Sample Extraction and Processing

Molzym’s research-use-only products are designated for the detection, identification and characterization of microorganisms by 16S/18S in complex clinical and other material. Manual and automated solutions contribute to the precise molecular analysis of microorganisms without cultivation.

Tauns - Point-of-Care tests

Tauns Laboratories is constantly innovating in IVD products, with a focus on point-of-care tests. So called Capilia rapid tests. Their point-of-care tests can be used anywhere and give results in minutes.

Alifax - Lab Equipment and Instruments

AliFax offers multiple devices for modern bacteriology and microbiology testing. As well as the AliBox for monitored transport of biological samples. Alifax owns a collection of numerous patents worldwide in hematology and bacteriology fields and more than 200 scientific publications have been published on its technology and instruments.

DYNEX - Blotting Instruments

DYNEX is a supplier of laboratory equipment form The Czech Replubic. They specialize in the following methods: ELISA, immunoblot and westernblot, immunofluorescence assay (IFA), PCR, hybridization, electrophoresis, microarray, nextgeneration sequencing, lateral-flow immunoassay (LFIA), immunoprecipitation, cultivation and cell growth curves measurements

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