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Molzym has been committed to innovative solutions for biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Their developmental efforts are particularly focused on new processes enabling and facilitating the molecular diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. The molzym publications are about the performance of the Molysis kits, The SepsiTest™-UMD and the SelectNA Plus.

The latest development in 2016 from Molzym, the SelectNA Plus, is an instrument for the fully automated extraction of pathogen DNA from all clinical samples. SelectNA Plus combines highest technical advances with demands for contamination-free and low-hands-on processing of samples for highest detection sensitivity of pathogens. The latest publications on the SelectNA Plus is listed below.

Comparison of the molysis selectna plus, qiaamp dna microbiome and purelink genomic dna mini kits using 16s-23s rdna next generation sequencingWisselink G.2017
Comparison of microbial DNA enrichment tools for metagenomic whole genomeThoendel M.2016
Antibiotic therapy following polymerase chain reaction diagnosis of infective endocarditis: a single centre experienceMarsch G.2014
New Developments in DNA Extraction For Microbiome AnalysisLorenz M. G. 2014
Spectrum of pathogens in native liver, bile, and blood during pediatric liver transplantationSchukfeh N.2014
Improved Detection of Bacterial Central Nervous System Infections by Use of a Broad-Range PCR AssayMeyer T.2014
Microbial Adhesion on Membrane Oxygenators in Patients Requiring Extracorporeal Life Support Detected by a Universal rDNA PCR TestKühn C.2013
Evaluation of Commercial Universal rRNA Gene PCR plus Sequencing Tests for Identification of Bacteria and Fungi Associated with Infectious EndocarditisKühn C.2011
New Technologies in Clinical MicrobiologyWolk D. M.2011
Expanding the Diagnostic Use of PCR in Leptospirosis: Improved Method for DNA Extraction from Blood CulturesVillumsen. S2010
Acceleration of the direct identification of Staphylococcus aureus versus coagulase negative staphylococci from blood culture material: a comparison of six bacterial DNA extraction methodsLoonen A. J. M.2010
Rapid detection of pathogens in blood culture bottles by real time PCR in conjunction with the pre-analytic tool MolYsisGebert S.2009
Rapid diagnosis of candidaemia by real-time PCR detection of Candida DNA in blood samplesWellinghausen N.2009
Diagnosis of Bacteremia in Whole-Blood Samples by Use of a Commercial Universal 16S rRNA Gene-Based PCR and Sequence AnalysisWellinghausen N.2009
Blood Infection Diagnosis by 16S rDNA Broad-Spectrum Polymerase Chain Reaction: The Relationship Between Antibiotic Treatment and Bacterial DNA LoadSakka S. G.2009
Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia and methicillin resistance by real-time PCR in whole blood samplesWellinghausen N.2009
Evaluation of New Preanalysis Sample Treatment Tools and DNA Isolation Protocols To Improve Bacterial Pathogen Detection in Whole BloodHansen W. L. J.2009
Selective isolation of bacterial DNA from human clinical specimensHorz H-P.2007
Preanalytic removal of human DNA eliminates false signals in general 16S rDNA PCR monitoring of bacterial pathogens in bloodHandschur M.2007

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