SENTiNAT® 200 is the new walk-away system
And is capabal of:
giving you a complete solution for quantitative/ qualitative PCR molecular biology freeze-dried kits.
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Sentinel’s molecular portfolio is built on the proprietary technology STAT-NAT (Stabilized Amplification Technology – Nucleic Acid Testing), which is based on a new protective compound, able to stabilize the activity of enzymes for a very long time and to allow storage and shipment at room temperature. All the products of STAT-NAT are freeze-dried which guarantees long term storage.

A flexible, fast, compact robotic workstation to efficiently automate assays and sample preparation that includes two Real-Time thermal cyclers to manage all the steps from sample to the final result. The SENTiNAT®200 is a new walk-away system that can provide a complete solution for quantitative/qualitative PCR molecular biology freeze-dried kits. The platform is completed by the automatic software for result evaluation. In each session, the SENTiNAT®200 processes the extraction and purification of 48 samples and is able to perform up to 96 tests due to two integrated thermal-cyclers with magnetic induction heating/cooling technology.

Within this product line there are STAT-NAT Kits available for different disease, they have 5 categories: virology, healthcare-associated infections, parasitology, respiratory infections, and pharmacogenetics. At the moment there are 10 different kits, and 9 kits are in development. All the STAT-NAT Kits are available in an open configuration and validated on the most common PCR instruments.


  • Fully deck-integrated sample to result solution
  • Magnetic beads based extraction technology
  • Flexibility due to the availability of two integrated independent qPCRs thermal cyclers
  • Fast qPCR to speed up the Turn-Around-Time(TAT)
  • Results in less than 2 hours
  • Wide portfolio of compatible freeze-dried kits based on STAT-NAT® proprietary patented technology.

In addition to the SENTiNAT200, Sentinel has a wide range of kits that can be run on the device. An example is STATNAT COVID-19 Multi kit. This is a kit for COVID-19 detection. In combination with the SENTiNAT200 it is possible from sample to results in less than 2 hours.

STATNAT COVID-19 multi kit

The easy RT-PCR kit for COVID-19 detection:

The STAT-NAT ® COVID-19 MULTI is a lyophilized multiplex RT-PCR Real-time PCR qualitative assays based on nucleic acid amplification for the identification of a novel CoronavirusSARS-CoV-2 RNA in human respiratory tract specimens. The assay is an aid in the diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19).

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