Serological Pipettes

The pipettes are available in seven capacities: 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. All pipettes have a different mark color. 


  • Smooth and clean without drawing lines
  • 1,0 ml, 2,0 ml, 5,0 ml pipettes are shaped by stretching method
  • 5,0 ml, 10,0 ml, 15,0 ml, 50 ml pipette tips are welded to the tube by supersonic wave
  • Different colors correspond to different specification, easy to distinguish
  • Maximally reduce the liquid adhesion to the tube inner wall  and thus improve the sampling accuracy
  • Excellent double-side graduation design ideally meet the demand for liquid adding or reducing
  • All pipettes are assembled with high quality filters

Serological Pipettes Specifications

PackagingMin. GraduationColor of markArticle No.Quantity/case
300 PCS/box1/100 mLYellowGM20201756 boxes (300 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)
300 PCS/box1/100 mLGreenGM20201766 boxes (300 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)
200 PCS/box1/10 mLBlueGM20201776 boxes (200 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)
200 PCS/box1/10 mLOrangeGM20201786 boxes (200 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)
100 PCS/box2/10 mLPurpleGM20201796 boxes (100 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)
75 PCS/box5/10 mLBlackGM20201806 boxes (75 PCS/box, 6 boxes/case)

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