Smart Paratube

For a cleaner and more efficient way to test for parasites

The MedSchenker® Smart Paratube is a revolutionary solution for parasite egg testing. It is a quick and clean solution for any size lab/testing facility and dramatically improves the testing process by saving 90% of your existing medical waste.

The inner tube utilizes a standard mesh filter to collect parasites and extract debris while the outer tube is used for inspection. This allows the lab technician to perform the test without being exposed to any fecal matter.


  • Dramatically improves the troublesome process of testing for parasites. This revolutionary solution can even be used in a clean environment.
  • Convenient and easy to process. Prepare sample for inspection within 15 minutes.
  • FDA approved
  • CE-certificated
  • Cleaner working environment. Perform inspection without being exposed to any fecal matter.
  • Suitable for any size lab or testing facility.


  • Package: 1000 units per master package
  • Vial: Screw cap with double tubes
  • Components: Out tube, inner tube, outer tube cap, Mesh (1st filter, 2nd filter)
  • Dimensions: Outer tube (12,4 cm Ø 1,8 cm), Inner tube (9,5 cm Ø 1,5 cm), Mesh filter (400-500 µm)

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