Universal Pathogen Identification Test

System for PCR detection of pathogens and additional material

SepsiTest™ SepsiTest™ is the unbiased way of culture-independent detection and identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens in body fluids, tissues and swabs for routine diagnosis. SepsiTest™ is a CE IVD-marked molecular test for the culture-independent detection and identification of a broad range of Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria and fungi within a working day. Until today, more than 1,350 microorganisms have been identified in clinical and other specimens. Clinical evaluations clearly show the benefits of SepsiTest™ in terms of precise identification of pathogens at low loads, ease of processing of a variety of clinical specimens by only one protocol and high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. SepsiTest™ is the ideal tool for daily routine diagnosis of material that often remain negative in culture because of fastidious pathogens or antibiotic treatment before sampling.

The table below contains all products produced by Molzym that facilitate the PCR detection of bacteria and fungi in body fluids swabs and tissues. You can find more information about the products in this flyer, or by clicking the name of a product for the manual. If you want to request a test sample, feel free to contact us.

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