Urine Collection System

Stackable. Secure. Simple.

The MedSchenker® Urine Collection System is a complete system made out of 100% polypropylene and prelabeled.

Our 50ml graduated wide mouth urinalysis cup is stackable, which helps save valuable space and a knurled cap improves gripping while wearing gloves. The 10ml stand-up conical tube is ideal for sediment collection and our CQ-Lock™ screw cap prevents leaks even in pneumatic tubes and centrifuges. For an uncomplicated transfer of the specimen from the urinalysis cup to the tube we provide a 3ml disposable pipette.

Engineered with your needs in mind, the MedSchenker®-Urine Collection System is the best choice for your testing needs.


  • Urinalysis cup and tube are prelabeled
  • CQ-Lock screw cap prevents leaks even in pneumatic tube and centrifuges
  • FDA approval
  • CE-certificated


  • Package: 250 units per master package
  • Cup: 50 ml graduated and stackable
  • Tube: 10 ml with CQ-Lock screw cap
  • Pipette: 3 ml disposable

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