Pre-analytic Kits for Microbial DNA Isolation


Molzym’s MolYsis kits are ideal for the supply of enriched microbial DNA for the direct analysis of pathogens in human and animal samples. The kits are evaluated for all sorts of body fluids like blood, CSF, synovial aspirates, BAL and other specimens. MolYsis is a unique system of targeted isolation of microbial DNA from complex clinical samples such as blood, aspirates and other body fluids. The selective lysis of host cells and the degradation of the released host DNA avoid unspecific primer binding and thereby greatly enhance the sensitivity and specificity of PCR or Real-Time PCR analysis of pathogens.

The list below contains all products produced by Molzym from MolYsis™. These products facilitate the enrichment and isolation of pathogen DNA. You can find more information about the products in this flyer, or by clicking the name of a product for the manual. If you want to request a test sample, feel free to contact us.

DNA-free Taq DNA Polymerase

Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation

Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation from liquid and tissue specimens

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