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SelectNA™plus – Robotic Pathogen

Short description

The SelectNA™plus robotic system offers an automated solution for enriching and isolating microbial DNA, minimizing contamination risks from airborne sources and handling mistakes.

Compatible with the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit, the robot is validated for various sample types, including 1 ml fluids, swabs, and tissue biopsies. It uses a unique vacuum-driven process to deplete host DNA and enrich pathogens, making it ideal for samples with limited microbial DNA. The purified DNA can be used in any molecular test to analyze bacterial or fungal genetic information.

Product highlights

  • Host-DNA-depletion technology
  • Validated for primary sterile body fluids, swabs and tissues
  • Walk-away pathogen DNA extraction
  • 1 to 12 samples at a time

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SelectNA™plus – Robotic Pathogen





Technical Datasheet

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Specifications of the SelectNA™plus – Robotic Pathogen

Fully Automated Microbial DNA Extraction

The SelectNA™plus robotic system is the walk-away solution for enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA. The contained environment in the instrument is ideal to minimize the contamination risk from air-borne sources and handling errors.
The robot is operated with the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit and validated for 1 ml fluid samples, swabs and tissue biopsies. The process is based on an innovative vacuum-driven protocol for host DNA depletion and pathogen enrichment followed by microbial DNA isolation providing an optimal solution for e.g. low load samples with only small amounts of microbial DNA. The isolated DNA can be used with any molecular assay for the analysis of bacterial or fungal genes, genomes or metagenomes.

In essence, the SelectNA™plus robotic system redefines the landscape of microbial DNA extraction. Its automated and controlled approach, coupled with the synergy between the robotic platform and the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit, opens doors to enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and versatility in pathogen detection and genetic analysis. As science advances, this innovative system holds the promise of becoming an indispensable tool in the arsenal of researchers and diagnosticians alike, propelling discoveries and improvements in molecular biology and beyond.

Components of the SelectNA™plus – Robotic Pathogen

SelectNA™plus Robot

Instrument for fully automated microbial DNA extraction
– Content: 1 unit
– Order No.: D-400-001

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