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Short description

DYNABLOT Heat is a small, compact and stand-alone instrument for automatic processing of hybridization tests. It offers precise temperature control within the range of 35 – 65°C during the process with regard to accuracy, stability and uniformity. Compatible with the StripAssays from Viennalab.

Product highlights

  • Automated instrument used to process strip hybridization assays
  • Wide temperature range and high accuracy
  • Walk-away operation
  • Dry heating without water

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Specifications of the DYNABLOT Heat

Advanced Laboratory Instrument Features and Specifications

The instrument provides enhanced processing capabilities, enabling the processing of up to 30 strips in one run. This efficiency is achieved via three independent holders, each designed to accommodate disposable trays with 10 wells. The design ensures both optimal handling of bulk samples and economical management of smaller sets.

For accurate reagent dispensation, the instrument employs an 8-channel dispensing arm, powered by a peristaltic pump. Integrated sensors within these channels monitor fluid levels to ensure consistency during dispensing.

Reagent storage has been designed for easy access, with bottles housed in a front drawer of the instrument. Within this drawer are two specialized holders, each fitted with a magnetic stirrer. These holders, adaptable with custom adapters, allow for the mixing of heated reagent bottles. Direct temperature measurement within the reagent streamlines preparation, optimizing protocol run initiation.

The instrument’s rocking tray holders are designed for effective agitation of reagents during incubation. Users can adjust the rocking speed and angle in line with protocol requirements. The innovative design ensures synchronization of dispensing with rocking, adhering to the kit manual’s procedure. This consistency guarantees equal incubation time for each strip, irrespective of sample quantity.

Safety measures include an overflow-prevention sensor in the waste bottle and a vacuum level sensor for the aspiration system.

The instrument’s user interface features a color touch screen display, designed for straightforward operation. Every protocol run is accompanied by an operation log, ensuring full traceability.

Integration with the PC software, Blot Editor, facilitates assay creation and storage, with a memory capacity of 50 positions. Connection to the instrument is achieved via a USB interface.

The instrument’s operational modes offer flexibility:

  1. Open platform: Users can freely program any method.
  2. Semi-closed system: Pre-installed assays remain unmodifiable, but custom assays can be added.
  3. Fully closed platform: Only pre-installed assays can be run.
Components of the DYNABLOT Heat


Maximal number of strips per one protocol run  30 ( 3 x 10 well trays in separated heating blocks)
Heating principle  Dry bath
Temperature range  35 °C – 65 °C
Temperature accuracy  max. +/- 0,5 °C
Temperature variation  max. +/- 0,5 °C
Incubation mixing  by rocking (0 – 40 RPM)
Number of reagent pumps  8
Dispensing precision  < 10 %
Number of positions for heated reagents  2
Instrument memory capacity  50 protocols
Protocol creation and saving  PC software Blot Editor, via USB
Power supply  100 – 240 V AC / max. 200 VA
Instrument dimensions, weight  600 x 440 x 480 mm, 20 kg

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