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FLT3 OncoKit

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Advancing FLT3 Gene Detection with the FLT3 OncoKit

The OncoKit presents a breakthrough in identifying FLT3 gene mutations using a streamlined digital PCR approach. Enhanced by its sophisticated DNA control, the kit guarantees precise results and seamless system functionality. Adhering to the highest standards, FLT3 OncoKit exemplifies top-tier quality and efficiency in lab processes. Compatible with various leukemia-related instruments, it provides an all-encompassing analysis.

OncoKit sets the bar for the next generation of oncological diagnostic tools.

Product highlights

  • Comprehensive FLT3 mutation coverage
  • Digital PCR
  • Robust quality controls
  • Versatile sample compatibility

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FLT3 OncoKit



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Specifications of the FLT3 OncoKit

Introducing the FLT3 OncoKit: Pioneering FLT3 Mutation Analysis

The FLT3 OncoKit emerges as a groundbreaking solution tailored for the nuanced detection and quantification of the FLT3 gene mutations. Its distinctive capability lies in concurrently discerning both the alternate and wild-type alleles of the FLT3 gene through a singular, efficient digital PCR (dPCR) session. What’s the breakthrough? It offers a leap towards optimizing laboratory procedures, enabling professionals to gain profound insights faster than ever before.

In the heart of the FLT3 OncoKit lies its meticulously crafted synthetic DNA control. This standard not only mimics both the mutated and wild-type alleles but acts as a beacon for ensuring the smooth operation of the dPCR system. Simultaneously, it offers a reliable scaffold to bolster the clarity and accuracy of qualitative interpretations.

In the current landscape where precision, reliability, and compliance are non-negotiable, the OncoKit stands tall. Designed with a commitment to meet and surpass the rigorous benchmarks set for contemporary laboratory tools, it promises unmatched quality assurance.

Benefits that Set the OncoKit Apart

Streamlined Process: Detecting the full spectrum of FLT3 gene variants in one dPCR cycle, FLT3 OncoKit paves the way for revolutionized laboratory workflows.
Integrated Approach: Designed to synergize with other leukemia-related tools, it ensures a seamless and comprehensive analysis.
Rigorous Validation: With an elaborate validation protocol, encompassing synthetic DNA and renowned reference samples, FLT3 OncoKit guarantees unparalleled accuracy.
Enhanced Controls: Providing controls that reflect both the mutated and wild-type alleles, the kit assures optimal dPCR system functionality and aids in refined result interpretation.

OncoKit: The Future of Oncological Research

To conclude, in the rapidly advancing arena of genetic and molecular diagnostics, tools like the FLT3 OncoKit are shaping the horizon. Beyond mere innovation, the kit represents a transformative shift in efficient, precise, and rapid laboratory methodologies.

For laboratory professionals on the cusp of integrating next-gen tools, recognizing the multifaceted strengths of the FLT3 OncoKit becomes crucial. It is an epitome of efficiency, precision, in-depth analysis, and user-centricity – values that contemporary labs hold in high esteem.

Amidst the plethora of diagnostic tools and technologies, the FLT3 OncoKit carves its niche. Not just as a utility, but as an emblem of where oncological diagnostics is headed, and the infinite possibilities it unfolds.

Components of the FLT3 OncoKit

The kit is equipped with reagents for 24 reactions, including:

  • FLT3-TKD2 Master Mix: Specific oligonucleotides, FAMTM and VICTM and nuclease-free water for
    detection of point mutations in codon D835 and I836 of the TKD2 domain of the FLT3 gene by
    digital PCR.
  • Positive Control: Heterozygous positive control for the targets of interest.

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