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TP53 OncoKitDX

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Unmasking the Genomic Secrets of TP53 Mutations

TP53 OncoKitDX is a diagnostic tool designed to spot mutations in the TP53 gene, vital in cancer. It identifies various mutations in genomic DNA from blood or tissue through PCR and NGS. TP53 mutations significantly impact cancer prognosis and treatment, especially in conditions like chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

This kit is indispensable for molecular biologists and clinicians, enabling precise detection of TP53 genomic alterations and informing treatment decisions for better patient outcomes in the complex realm of cancer.

Product highlights

  • Comprehensive Mutation Detection
  • Low Detection Limit
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Deep Sequencing Coverage

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TP53 OncoKitDX



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Specifications of the TP53 OncoKitDX

Exploring the Intricate Terrain of TP53 Genetic Alterations

Cancer, one of the most feared and complex diseases known to mankind, is primarily characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and proliferation. This seemingly chaotic phenomenon isn’t random; it’s the outcome of a series of genetic alterations driven by a multitude of risk factors. Within the complex tapestry of genes that play pivotal roles in cellular regulation, the transcription factor p53 stands out. Acting as a guardian, p53 orchestrates a series of cellular responses against various stressors, ensuring that the cell remains functional and healthy.

However, in many cancer scenarios, the p53 pathway is disrupted, most frequently due to mutations in the TP53 gene. Recognizing the significant role TP53 mutations play in the trajectory of various cancers, and the critical need for accurate detection and analysis, the TP53 OncoKitDX has been developed as a cutting-edge solution for both researchers and clinicians.

The TP53 OncoKitDX stands out in the realm of molecular diagnostics, offering distinct advantages:

Comprehensive Mutation Profiling: Beyond detecting standard point mutations, the kit delves deep into small insertions, deletions within coding regions, the promoter zones (5’UTR), non-coding sections of exon 1 and 2, and even splice site mutations, providing a panoramic view of the TP53 genetic landscape.

Versatility in Mutation Types: Recognizing the nuanced world of TP53 mutations, OncoKitDX detects both inherited (germline) and acquired (somatic) mutations, ensuring robust analysis across various clinical scenarios.

Technological Synergy: Marrying the reliability of multiplex PCR with the depth of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the kit ensures meticulous analysis, irrespective of the sample source.

Precision-Centric Design: In a world where accuracy can change treatment trajectories, the TP53 OncoKitDX promises unparalleled precision, making it indispensable for professionals in cancer genetics.

Key Strengths of the TP53 OncoKitDX: A Concise Overview

The TP53 OncoKitDX emerges as a beacon in the intricate world of cancer genetics. By offering a holistic view of the TP53 mutation landscape, it ensures that clinicians and researchers are equipped with the most accurate and comprehensive data. In the fight against cancer, where every piece of information can guide treatment and prognosis, TP53 OncoKitDX stands as a symbol of hope and precision.

Components of the TP53 OncoKitDX

The kit is equipped with reagents for 48 reactions, including:

  • General Master Mix III: General PCR master mix with the quantities of enzyme, nucleotides and buffer needed to perform the amplification reactions.
  • TP53 Buffer: Contains MgCl2 at the concentration needed to perform the PCR amplification reactions.
  • Nuclease free water.
  • Pool A PCR and Pool B PCR: Contain the oligonucleotides needed to carry out the amplification of the kit’s target regions.
  • TP53 Index: Oligonucleotides used in the second PCR reaction with a unique sequence of 8 nucleotides, compatible with the Illumina adapters.

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